Reference Books

(We discuss concepts and solve the problems from following books in our course).

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1.Mathematical Physics:

‘Mathematical Methods for Physicists’ by Arfkrn and Weber.

‘Higher Engineering Mathematics’ by B. S. Grewal.

2.Classical Mechanics:

‘Classical Mechanics’ by Goldstein (For Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalism, Central force problems, Small oscillations etc.)

Classical Mechanics’ by J. C. Upadhyaya.

‘Classical Mechanics’ by John R. Taylor

‘An Introduction to Mechanics’ , by Kleppner and Kolenkow (For Newtonian mechanics and relativity)

‘Problems and Solutions On Mechanics’ by Y. K. Lim

3.Electromagnetic Theory:

‘Introduction to Electrodynamics’ by Griffiths.

4.Quantum Mechanics:

‘Introduction to Quantum Mechanics’ by Griffiths.

‘Quantum Mechanics Concepts and Applications’ by Zettili.

‘Problems and Solutions on Quantum Mechanics’ by Y. K. Lim

5.Statistical Physics:

‘Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics’ by F. Reif.

‘Heat and Thermodynamics’ by Zemansky

‘Problems and Solutions on Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics’ by Y. K. Lim

6.Atomic and Molecular Physics:

‘Introduction to Atomic Spectra’ by H. E. White.

‘Physics of Atoms and Molecules’ by B. H. Bransden, Charles Jean Joachain,

‘Molecular Spectra and Molecular Structure Vol 1’ by Herzberg.

‘Fundamentals of molecular spectroscopy’ by C. N. Banwell

7.Nuclear and Particle Physics:

‘Concepts of Modern Physics’ by Arthur Beiser.

‘Introductory Nuclear Physics’ by Kenneth S. Krane.

8.Condensed Matter Physics:

‘Solid State Physics’ by Ashcroft and Mermin.

‘Introduction to Solid State Physics’ by Charles Kittel.


Op-amp: ‘Linear Integrated Circuits’ by Roy Choudhury.

Diodes and Transistors: ‘Electronics Devices and Circuit Theory’ by Boylstad and Nashesky

Digital Electronics: ‘Digital Fundamentals’ by Floyd.

“Learning happens in the minds and souls, not in the database of multiple choice tests” -Ken Robinson

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